Defense Strategies for Speeding Tickets

Getting a speeding ticket in Illinois is a common occurrence. Many individuals believe that their only way out of a speeding ticket is to pay the fine and accept any associated penalties. There are many defense strategies, however, that lawyers can use to help individuals get their speeding tickets reduced or dismissed. 

As a defense attorney, you can do more than help criminals. You can help the public with their everyday needs. Reducing and dismissing speeding ticket charges may seem minor, but it can help people keep their driving records clean and keep their car insurance premiums low.

Lack of Evidence

Lack of evidence is one of the easiest ways to defend against a speeding ticket in court. The police officer who issued the ticket may not have strong evidence proving why he issued the ticket. If he used a radar gun to track the driver’s speed, they may not have calibrated the radar gun correctly. You can continue to challenge the police officer with questions until their story weakens. 

Mistake of Fact

It’s possible to argue that your client wasn’t aware of the speed during the time the police officer issued the speeding ticket. This defense is known as a mistake of fact. Many roads only have speed signs every so often. If a driver turned onto a road and received a speeding ticket before seeing a speed sign, then they shouldn’t receive a penalty for not knowing the speed.

Necessary Action

If your client was speeding for a necessary reason, then it’s possible to get their speeding ticket reduced or dismissed. For example, they may have been speeding because their wife was in labor or because another emergency was taking place. 

Maintaining Safety

You can argue that your client was speeding to maintain safety on the road in certain instances. For example, your client may have been maintaining the same speed as other drivers on the road because going slower would be unsafe. Your client may also have been speeding during a short period to avoid an accident or other roadway hazard.

You can use various defense strategies to dismiss and reduce speeding tickets in traffic court. Because the police officer who issued the ticket is the only person you’ll be arguing against, you can prepare a strong defense and work hard to weaken any statements they make. Everyone deserves a fair defense in court, including speeding ticket violators and violators of the highest degree.